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Army Wives Gives Back cited as Top 5 Hybrid in BRANDWEEK!

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Rink Entertainment-produced Army Wives Gives Back was recently named a Top 5 Hybrid in Brandweek‘s Oct 19th issue.  The honor was given to both the 2-minute and 1-minute versions of the episode sponsored by Yoplait, which ranked #2 and #3, respectively.



According to Nielsen IAG, the Army Wives Gives Back hybrids were very successful among W18-49 & W25-54, outperforming the Yoplait’s creative cable norms as well as category, genre, and hybrid norms in all key measures: Brand Recall (viewers correctly recalled the Yoplait Brand), Brand Opinion (Yoplait’s Brand Opinion was “greatly/somewhat” improved), Likability (viewers liked the hybrid “a lot/somewhat”), Brand Opinion Link top 2 Box (Yoplait Light’s Brand Opinion was “greatly/somewhat” improved), Likability Linkage (viewers who correctly answered the questions and liked the hybrid “a lot/somewhat”).  Yoplait’s ads that aired adjacent to the hybrids were also successful, performing well among the key measures of Brand Recall, Message recall and Likability vs. Yoplait’s cable norms.



Yoplait's Hybrids succeed on Lifetime


Yoplait's Hybrids Succeed on Lifetime

Yoplait's Hybrids Succeed on Lifetime

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