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Exploring the Inspiration behind ArmyWives…

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Lifetime Network’s, ArmyWives, takes on the often unheard and perhaps more endearing perspective of American spouses’ adaptation and survival in times of war—a time of heroism, yet a time of grief. The show’s success is partly driven by its pursuit for deeper understanding of lives affected by war, as it is all too realistic for some.

Rink Entertainment and Lifetime explore and communicate these realities as they honor real life Army wives with the return of ArmyWives Gives Back.  Sergeant Aneana Pearce’s heartfelt story launches the first episode.  Aneana joined the Army after graduating high school, pursuing a mission to help others. Eleven years of service has earned her the affectionate title, “Platoon Mom,” given by her unit.  She’s a mother to all, including her own three children, which she’s raised as a single mom.  Aneana’s ambitions have driven her to continue higher education.  But while her motivations are admirable, the cost of textbooks for her major have become her biggest setback.  Watch as Aneana gets a chance to meet one of the stars from ArmyWives, attain a star-like pampering, and receive a surprise gift from MaryKay to support her dream of being a school counselor.

ArmyWives Gives Back aired Sunday, June 21st during ArmyWives commercial breaks.  If you missed it on TV, will be posting the ArmyWives Gives Back vignettes for easy access.

ArmyWives airs on Sundays at 10pm et/pt.