“Get the Look” of Your Favorite ArmyWives Characters

Rink Entertainment continues to pave the way in Branded Entertainment, and people are noticing. Check out special mention made in the June 8th Cynopsis Digital.

June 7th marked the third season premiere of ArmyWives on Lifetime Television Network. If your not hooked already, Lifetime, MaryKay and Rink Entertainment have teamed up to make switching channels during commercial breaks even less desirable with ArmyWives: Get the Look vignettes. This micro series stars independent celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff (Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Hillary Duff, among others), as she breaks it down for Lifetime viewers, sharing essential makeup techniques and products inspired by the appearances of a few ArmyWives character favorites. Each star exhibits a unique persona. Stay tuned for the one you admire most, steal professional tips, and achieve the change you’ve been looking for.

Missed the look? MaryKay is posting each new star-like look online as it airs on Lifetime. Catch up on full episodes of ArmyWives at myLifetime.com.

Ashunta Sherriff and Jim Rink

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